Young earth vs old earth

Moses Joshua It has been suggested that the Mosaic genealogies are perhaps only 20 to 40 percent complete. Those who hold that the genealogies are telescoped place the creation of Adam and Eve around 10 to 30 thousand years ago, but perhaps as late as 60, years ago. However, prior to Abraham, there is little available Biblical or historical information on which to build a solid chronology.

Young earth vs old earth

Jan 30th In this lesson we will discuss the major arguments supporting the Young - 10, yrs. In our last lesson we discussed Genesis 1: The two main points about this verse were: Scientists and philosophers have described our universe as a "thing" which is comprised, in its essence, of three elements, time, space and matter which includes energy.

No one disputes this, neither does the Bible. As a matter of fact, the book of Genesis establishes this idea by describing these very elements as the first raw materials God created from which He formed the universe as we now know it. The amazing thing is that Genesis was written long before these concepts were described or analyzed by man and yet in perfect harmony with what humans have discovered about the universe thousands of years later.

In the first verse of the bible God provides the information to refute major ideological errors that crept up thousands of years after the events and writing of Genesis. Now we will review some ideas as to the time of creation and the beginning of the formation of the universe as we know it.

The Age of the Earth There are two positions you can take when trying to determine the age of the earth: The very old view of the earth is held mainly by evolutionists because they believe that matter is eternal, that matter was affected in some way "big bang", etc.

It is important to note that they begin with this theory and then line up evidence to prove it. Usually in science you develop theory on evidence.

The basis of their proof is expressed in the geological chart created to represent the development of the earth throughout the ages. This is an artist's rendition of the evolutionary model, not how the earth really is. They say that life began with simple creatures who died and left fossil bone or imprint records in rocks records, and as life grew more complex, more complex fossils were found in succeeding layers of rock.

The diagram shown here is not based on what has actually been found anywhere on earth. No clear record that reflects this picture has ever been found by geologists anywhere on earth.

The problem is that this picture, used in schools, is the image used to describe the evolutionary model but has not been proven by actual evidence in the earth. There is no way to accurately date a fossil beyond 60, years! No clock, no record.

If scientists find a bone, fragment or fossil record, they can, through the carbon dating process, tell if it is, years old up to 60, years but cannot accurately tell beyond this.


So what they do is put anything beyond 60, years old into the category artificially created by the evolutionary model and arbitrarily give it an old date. Something could just as well be 7, years old as 7 million years old, there is no accurate way to tell beyond 60, years old in theory.

Carbon dating is not an exact measurement. The problem with the "old age" theory of the earth is that there are several inconsistencies both theoretically and observationally: For the earth to be one billion years old or more and for evolution to be the system by which everything came to be what it is, we have to accept as true several theories: Something comes from nothing.

This is a problem because, as I have said before, nothing comes from nothing. Scientists universally agree on this and so do philosophers and most people as well.The Bible and an Old Earth.

Young earth vs old earth

Inserting vast ages into the Bible’s first chapter sets it at odds with modern secular scientific opinion regarding the order of events. With the resurgence of young-earth creationism in recent decades, the debate over the age of the earth and the proper hermeneutical approach to Genesis has intensified within evangelical circles.

In this lesson we will discuss the major arguments supporting the Young ( - 10, yrs.) vs. the Old (Millions to Billions of years) age of the earth.

Peaceful in a Violent Sort of Way

Old earth and young earth advocates ought to unite under the banner which is the glorious Gospel of Christ. Salvation is not contingent on what one believes about the age of the earth.

This article has not, of course, dealt with the larger issues of science, nor has it offered a . Please note, as a ministry, officially holds to young earth creationism. We truly and fully believe that young earth creationism best fits with the biblical account of creation.

However, we recognize that old earth creationism is a valid viewpoint that a Christian can hold. In no. Young Earth vs Old Earth Creationism.

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