Small engine repair shop business plan

Strategic Analysis with current research! Small Engine Repair Service, Inc. The Company was founded by John Doe.

Small engine repair shop business plan

How do businesses make money? No matter how great your product or service, your business will not make any money unless customers are willing to buy them.

No customers, no business. For many small businesses, marketing and advertising is a huge problem. This article looks at 10 simple, cheap and highly effective ways that small businesses can market and advertise their products and services.

If this has been a challenge for your business, you will certainly learn a lot from this article. Marketing and Advertising is a Huge Problem for Many Small Businesses… For many small businesses, cost is a major barrier when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Many of the popular methods we know like radio, TV, magazines and newspapers are often too expensive for small businesses.

Starting a Small Engine Repair Shop – Sample Business Plan Template

Because most small businesses cannot find the customers they need to remain in business, many small businesses starve and die because they cannot sell enough products and services. Despite these difficulties, how come there are still a couple of businesses which start very small but are able to attract enough customers to remain in business?

My research has shown that these smart businesses and entrepreneurs use several taken-for-granted methods that many of us have learned to overlook.

small engine repair shop business plan

Some of them are amazingly simple and will cost you nothing. Some of the others will cost you a little, but not enough to bore a hole in your pocket. Thanks to the internet, there are now more free, cheap and interesting advertising options for small businesses.

Although some of the methods I will share with you shortly may work very well when used alone, we recommend that you combine different methods to get the best results.

Here are the top ten ways to find new and more customers for your small business. This is definitely the oldest form of marketing and advertising used by businesses since the world began. While it may bring slower results than radio or television, it still works very well.

Starting a Small Engine Repair Shop – Sample Business Plan Template

Because people are becoming increasingly suspicious of paid advertising, I still think word-of-mouth remains one of the most trusted methods in the world today. A satisfied customer is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools a small business can ever have.

Satisfied customers become foot soldiers, evangelists and advocates for your business. Word-of-mouth is so effective and powerful that many successful business rely solely on this method to advertise and market their products and services.

Network marketing businesses are a good example. So, how exactly can your small business grow an army of passionate customers who will use word-of-mouth advertising to your advantage?

Well, I have a couple of ideas. The first and most important step is to sell a product or service that really works and provides great value to anybody who uses them.

Most people buy products or services to solve a problem or satisfy a need. Nothing will make a customer happier and more satisfied than getting a product that makes a very challenging problem go away.

You can grow a successful business on great customer service. People like to buy products and services from businesses that treat them with respect. People love to be given attention and treated well and will always return to enjoy that beautiful experience again.

People hardly forget a great customer experience and will happily tell other people about it. Give your customers a reason to advertise and market your business. Start a referral or reward program for your existing customers. The more people they refer to you, the more free products, services and discounts they will enjoy.

The reward should be large enough to trigger their interest and make them take action.

A Sample Small Engine Repair Business Plan Template

I once helped a friend of mine create a loyalty and referral program for her barbershop and beauty salon business. The way it works is simple. All existing customers were registered and given a unique code. Whenever they spend money in the shop, it increases the total amount they have spent to date.

If this total reaches a certain level, they are awarded certain discounts for all the services they pay for. There were four levels Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum with increasing rewards.

The results were amazing!Researching market segmentation is undoubtedly an important thing to do in case you have an internet business.

Knowing your target market is certainly the key to designing the right promotional Continue Reading →. Meet ATI’s team of executives, instructors, coaches, business consultants, and support personnel, all dedicated to helping you increase auto shop profits.

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Small Engine Repair Business Plan – Executive Summary. Bobs and Sons Small Engine Specialists LLC is a small engine repair business that is located in Houston – Texas and will offer repair services of small engine to customers both domestic and corporate.

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