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VirginiaLynne is an educator and mom of 5. Her Science Fair articles are based on her experience helping her children do their projects. My first-grade daughter Mollie wanted a fun science experiment using candy, so we came up with the question "Which Chocolate Melts the Fastest? For younger kids like Mollie, it is all right to let the experiment results be mostly based on what they observed and their ideas about why it happened that way.

Science projects boards

When you present your project to a class or the judges of the science fair, you will need to ensure that each of the main eight elements is adequately represented on both your presentation board and your lab reports. Understanding how each of these elements is incorporated into the larger project is critical if you want to ensure science fair success.

Purpose Statement The purpose statement helps readers understand what you planned to accomplish with your project. Explain the basic reasoning behind the project, why you found the project compelling, and how you think the results of your experiment will be beneficial.

A purpose statement is best if left short and sweet; you will have plenty of opportunity to expand on its points in other sections of your project.

Science projects boards

Try to sum up your experiment in four sentences or less. Hypothesis The hypothesis is your rough estimation of what you believe would happen in your experiment. The hypothesis must answer a specific question related to your project. You will simply need to make a list of everything you used to complete your experiment.

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Be sure to include specific amounts so another individual can repeat your experiment. You should also list any special equipment such as stopwatches, beakers, rulers or utensils used during the experiment.

Readers of your experiment should be able to try it on their own using only your explanations and materials list. Procedures Writing a procedure is necessary so you can perform each section of your experiment consistently.

Also, much like the materials list, the procedure section helps another person carry out your experiment if desired. Number each step and write down everything you did over the course of the experiment in chronological order. If you tested the flavor of gum, your first step would be preparing several pieces of gum, the second would be chewing one piece and timing it and the third step would be recording how long the flavor lasted.

Be as detailed as you can in your procedures. Project Log The project log is a detailed recording of exactly what you did while planning and executing your experiment.

You should start each day by writing in your project log. First, note the time and date. Next, write a brief description of what you were doing. Gathered gum samples for project and worked out rough procedure overview for testing each piece.

Summary Research Report The summary report is a multi-page research essay that takes everything you learned during your project and translates it into text form.

You will need to address your hypothesis, what led you to come up with it, how you conducted your experiments and the results you saw at the end of the project.Display Tips. Your display is the first impression the judges get of your project. Read these tips to learn how to create a beautiful, high quality display that'll wow the judges.

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Centripetal Force Board Swinging an open glass of water sounds like a recipe for a mess, but not when you understand the physics behind the trick! When you swing a bucket of water over your head, you probably expect a big, wet rush of water to soak you as the bucket goes upside down.

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