Podponics business plan

It's full of technologists who grow crops in buildings instead of outdoors, short-cutting the need to prematurely harvest produce for a bumpy ride often thousands of miles to consumers in colder climes. More than 30 high-tech companies from the U. These companies stack plants inside climate-controlled rooms, parse out nutrients and water, and bathe them with specialized light.

Podponics business plan

Somewhere between his own birth and finish, Matt graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Biology and subsequently designed tests for milk, meat and other agricultural products at a biotech company. Comedian Sam Kinison once proposed a simple and humorous albeit impractical and callous solution to world hunger - move starving people to arable land.

This has created an extremely challenging environment for those of us who wish to both eat locally-sourced food and find more sustainable ways of bringing food to people. Ten years ago, my family and I embarked upon a quest to become more self-sustaining while continuing to live in the San Diego area.

We started by planting a small garden and vineyard and by raising chickens. Next, we brought in horses for manure to fertilize the gardens. Then we turned our thoughts to milk and meat. However, with horses and gardens already dependent on resources lacking in Southern California i.

So we decided to purchase a cattle ranch in coastal British Columbia, where the abundant glacial water and rich alluvial soils can sustainably provide the quantity of biomass necessary to raise grass-fed beef cattle. For those not acquainted with the shipping and logistics industry, almost every container that traverses the roads has some extra space available at the last minute.

And the trucks are already moving freight along those routes so there is a minimal addition of fuel needed to carry the additional freight. In Southern California, to raise a steer, it is necessary to truck in hay from the outside.

This practice uses even more fuel as more weight is shipped over long distances, multiple times. If a steer is born in Southern California in Aprilhe and his mother together will consume an average of 40 lbs.

This steer will then likely be weaned and maybe eat grass until April. Assuming there is no grass from April to November, then that same steer will have to be fed hay again from April until November now he will consume 30 lbs.

In working through the calculations, I realized that there are a lot of variables, which is probably why this kind of holistic analysis is not often done.

But after accounting for as many of the variables as possible, I concluded that in sum, a Bella Coola Beef Steer requires 2. There are still the additional efficiencies of getting the beef from the USDA butcher to consumers in Southern California. We maximize the capacity of commercial carriers who are heading down to Southern California anyway.

Sam Kinison seems like an unlikely expert on sustainable agriculture, but these calculations while admittedly dry prove his point - it simply does not make sense to try to grow certain kinds of food in the desert.

Here are some of my more detailed calculations on how much fuel would be required to raise a steer in Southern California versus raising a steer 1, miles away in British Columbia: Therefore, there is no need to truck in outside hay.PodPonics.

PodPonics is new hope for urban agriculture. Backhaus says they plan on exploring rain water collection methods so that each pod captures all the water they need for their crops.

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podponics business plan

Facebook is a vital channel for any business' digital marketing. Here are a few tips to help create a Twitter promotion plan. Earth Equity Farms nabs seed round. This included AeroFarms ($36m), Bright Farms ($m), Freight Farms ($m), Fresh Realm ($10m), PodPonics ($), Gotham Greens ($8m), and GrowLife ($m), and SunDrop Farms ($m).

Earth Equity’s plan, outlined on AngelList, calls to develop 37 acres of greenhouse each year over the next three. Georgia-based PodPonics, which filed for bankruptcy in , cited labor costs as its biggest drag.

like The Plant’s plan to install a bio-gas guzzling turbine – have faced obstacles that. Your Protection Plan Terms & Conditions will be delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase Add No Thanks Learn more Image Unavailable Amazon Business Everything For Your Business: AmazonFresh Groceries & More Right To Your Door: AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally:Reviews: More in Business; Maine Cannabis Report ; Georgia-based PodPonics, which filed for bankruptcy in , cited labor costs as its biggest drag.

like The Plant’s plan to install a bio-gas.

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