My nightmare job

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My nightmare job

While I did enjoy college, I worked to graduate early. Plus, I needed the money. And god, I wanted to work! At first, I was determined to make it work.

What to Do When Your New Dream Job Turns Out to Be a Nightmare

But I quickly cracked. I became scared to talk on the phone at all; I made my boyfriend make calls for me. I was called horrible names by our clients. One day, while I was on a vacation, I found myself actually weighing the pros and cons of just not showing up to work and running away from my problems.

Inside my nightmare working in de Blasio’s government

I contemplated taking what little savings I had and moving home; I would just disappear. Looking for a job is another job in itself.

Finding another job became my side hustle. I adjusted my approach, and it changed everything about my job search.

It’s Okay To Walk Away

The method to my madness went a little something like this: Email notifications are your friends. So many job boards have them. Everyone knows about Linkedin and Indeed, but specialized job boards can be a total lifesaver. Take time to follow up.

This strategy is just as important as applying! Striking the balance between not letting them forget you and giving them some distance is important. Think of ways employers would casually post jobs. Once I put out a million applications, I started going through the lovely process of doing interviews during work hours.

I recommend being as organized as humanly possible: Remember that the job you are in, even if you hate it, is paying your bills. Try not to get too checked-out while dreaming of — and preparing for — all these new, glamorous positions.

It took me nearly five months to find another job: But now, I have a job in a field I love.Oct 10,  · The beginner blues are common when starting a new job. But if your dream job is keeping you up at night, follow these tips to help improve the situation.

By Caroline M.L. Potter.

My nightmare job

You just started a new job. It's like a dream come true -- except when it's not. Wha should you do when you accept a job that seems like a living nightmare? Now, it could just be that I’ve always been a crazy person and loved to work, but I do think my nightmare job had a benefit to it, after all: endurance and clarity.

Even if you’re working in the field you got your degree in, it’s important to check in with yourself and ask why you chose this job in the first place. You dreamed, you planned, you worked hard, and finally you've landed your dream job.

Hooray! Except, once you actually starting doing the job, it . May 17,  · My nightmare job is one where I have to "make it up as I go." Where there isn't any checklist, but where I have to re-invent the job every day.

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Sales would be a little like that, as I'd have to take a new approach with each new customer. My first job -post college degree - was a litter picker on a landfill site that collected the waste of 5 different local authorities. Not so much a .

What I Learned From My Nightmare Job Interview