Littering in malaysia

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Littering in malaysia

There is even a rent-to-own scheme available, providing subsidised rates for those who do not qualify for loans or other financial help.

Targeting those in the bottom 40 per cent household income group, PPRs are synonymous with low-income families and overcrowding. However, a study from Unicef released last week revealed that conditions in these flats are taking a direct toll on the children who live, play, and learn in them.

One of 60 million: The study surveyed 16 low-cost housing projects in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and interviewed heads of household, which are home to 2, children. It found that 22 per cent of children below the age of five are stunted, 15 per cent are underweight, 20 per cent wasting acute malnutrition and 23 per cent are overweight Littering in malaysia obese.

This must be treated as a national crisis. Twelve per cent of children ate fewer than three meals a day, while a whopping 97 per cent of households said that the food was priced prohibitively high, preventing them from preparing healthy meals for their children.

Half the households surveyed did not have enough money to buy food in recent months, while 15 per cent said it was something they experienced frequently.

The study also revealed that 51 per cent of children aged five to six were not attending preschool, at odds with the 11th Malaysia Plan which calls for per cent student enrolment beginning from preschool all the way up to upper secondary.

Four in 10 households have no toys for children aged below five, and 31 per cent have no books for children aged below Children also lacked a conducive study space, with eight out of 10 children studying in the living room, sometimes while their family members watched television at the same time.

Some children, the study said, had to study elsewhere if their parents wanted to watch television. China extends crackdown on Uygurs across borders The study revealed that 77 per cent of the households had no savings, and fewer than four per cent received zakat or Welfare Department assistance.

PPRs have also been criticised as structurally and socially unsafe: A further 65 per cent of respondents said their child had been caught smoking. Early this year, S Satiswaran, 15, was killed when a chair flung from the 21st floor of a PPR flat struck him as he was walking home from school.

To combat the issues that arise from urban poverty, the study recommended that the government provide universal childcare allowance, implement a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, create a conducive environment for mothers to breastfeed for at least the first six months, and revisiting the poverty indicators in place as well as including multidimensional indicators that will factor in relative income poverty and nutritional status of children.

But poverty is multidimensional: But in light of the recent revelations, the authorities will need to prove that these assurances are not mere lip service. And while it is too late for Satiswaran who, his mother said, wanted to become a chef and buy his family a better house, there are many children living in these low-cost high-rises who deserve better.Illegal Dumping & Litter.

Litter is an important environmental issue. It is amazing that 94% of people identify litter as a major environmental problem and yet people still litter. Littering is a serious offense, punishable by fines of up to $ and 60 days in jail.

There are many kinds of littering offenses. Code violations include. There are even anti-littering laws and compounds in place to curb the disgusting littering habits of Malaysians.

Unfortunately, while it is a pleasure to .

Littering in malaysia

Littering in Malaysia Wong Zhen Qian CL As a nation progresses,the mentality and attitude of people should move in tandem. Singapore Travel Taboo.

Laws relating to jaywalking, littering and chewing/selling gum, smoking in public are strictly enforced in urban areas.

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