Empowering patients in occupational therapy

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Empowering patients in occupational therapy

We are constantly under pressure from the higher-ups to get our units in and maintain productivity. At what level of refusal is the patient just being tentative vs. In these cases, who can blame them for not feeling up to it? The even more challenging ones.

This could be due to behavioral, psychological, or cognitive reasons. The fact that they bounce around with many different excuses makes it hard to talk them through one particular thing.

They may not necessarily be responding to logical reason at the moment. So what to do in this predicament? First off, remember what you learned in Ethics class. However, if the refusals are due to behavioral or cognitive issues, there may be ways to work with these patients and provide them the therapy they need.

In order to assist in this, you learn to get creative and obtain positive outcomes.

Empowering patients in occupational therapy

How to Turn a Refusal Around Method 1: Building Therapeutic Rapport The majority of my more difficult patient refusals almost always come in the beginning of treatment, when the patient does not know me or know the reasoning behind why they will benefit from therapy.

I make it a point every session to always: Introduce myself and Discuss treatment ideas based on their deficits. I like to give them a choice of what they would like to work on to give them a more empowering feeling.

With each activity, I explain how it will benefit them. At the same time, I will go over their individual goals with them so they have a target to work toward. I provide a lot of verbal encouragement and praise to ensure the patient feels safe throughout the session. I find that I can get a lot more accomplished in this manner without making the patient feel uncomfortable or fearful.

You would most likely refuse that in an instant. Even just asking the patient if they need to use the bathroom is a great way to address goals. In fact, toileting is almost always my first go-to activity in these situations since everyone has to do this.

Reduce Therapy Time Many of your patients that are refusing may benefit from shortened, minute sessions. Asking about past routines, careers and hobbies can really help to incorporate meaningful activity and reduce refusals.

Have any of these suggestions worked for you?Physical therapy burnout is a very big problem. PTs must understand what is causing burnout, and rally together to support the new generation of clinicians.

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Healthcare workers risk occupational exposures to chemical, biological, or radiological materials when a hospital receives contaminated patients, particularly during mass casualty incidents.

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Overview. The focus of physical therapy is to treat movement restrictions and strength deficits in all joints of the body, improve body mechanics and posture, prevent re-injury and restore daily function through pain control, exercise, manual therapy, and education.

Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is a dynamic profession with an established theoretical and scientific base with widespread clinical applications in the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal physical function.

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