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Bhavan bharwad business plan

Since millions of people have at some time or other publicly expressed their dissent from the aggressive wars being waged by the imperialist states.

bhavan bharwad business plan

Yet there has been little criticism of or attempts to influence the armed forces actually carrying out these military operations. It presents them as the innocent tools of the British Government with no culpability for the death and destruction they are causing.

The Military Families Against the War wing of Stop the War has actually complained that British troops are getting injured and killed because they are not better equipped. Also they do protest that British military personnel are dying unnecessarily being they are being used to fight illegal and unnecessary wars.

But they do not have much to say about all the Iraqis bhavan bharwad business plan Afghanis killed and injured by British forces. In general the anti-war movement in Britain has kept away from the armed forces and has not tried to directly influence them. This is a serious error because disaffection among the military would seriously undermine the capability of the British state to wage its imperialist wars.

The Stop the War Coalition, and especially some of the leading elements in it such as the Socialist Workers Party, present British soldiers as innocents abroad, as typically young, working class men from economically depressed areas who have joined up because they need a job and want "to serve Queen and Country".

In addition, those who have suffered physical and mental injuries are presented as "victims". Some support has been given to the few military personnel who have refused to serve in these wars but no attempts have been made to encourage others to do the same.

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During the last two years or so in Britain the Government and media have been waging a massive propaganda campaign to rally popular support for the British armed forces fighting in Afghanistan. No opportunity is missed to parade returning troops through the streets and hail them as "heroes".

Fundraising events have been organized to provide comforts for "our brave boys" on the battlefront.

bhavan bharwad business plan

People now turn out in thousands at Wootton Bassett to pay tribute as the coffins containing dead soldiers flown back from Afghanistan are slowly driven down the main street.

This occasion has been turned into a major media event. Back around the time of the invasion of Iraq their commanders were advising soldiers not to wear their uniforms on the streets for fear of attracting abuse.

Now the opposite is the case. Wearing your uniform in public is a passport to quite a few free drinks. At the same time the opinion polls suggest that the majority of people in Britain are opposed to British involvement in Afghanistan and want "the boys brought back home".

But why is this?

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Is it because people are appalled at the death and destruction being brought upon the Afghani people by the British armed forces? Or is it not more likely that it is the rising British casualties which is the main reason why British people want the troops out?

If the latter is the case then we can speculate how public opinion might change if as a result of the forty thousand extra NAO forces being sent to Afghanistan less British soldiers are injured and killed and more Afghani resistance fighters are killed.

It could be that then there would be a shift of British public opinion in favour of carrying on with the war. By not criticizing the British armed forces and by not trying to develop dissention within its ranks the Stop the War Coalition has provided an opening for the British state to succeed in greatly increasing public support for its armed forces and the imperialist wars they fight.

The leaders of the Stop the War Coalition say that for it to have seriously criticized British forces would have alienated large numbers of people from the anti-war movement.

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Stop the War has presented the British military as an essentially neutral entity which can be used for good or evil according to the dictates of the government of the day. This is an opportunist political line which can only serve to weaken effective opposition to the aggressive actions of British imperialism in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

By pandering to public opinion, by failing to struggle with people to help them achieve an understanding of the real nature of the British armed forces, Stop the War is effectively helping the British state in its campaign to boost the public prestige of its military.

Any short-terms gains in public opposition to the war brought about by avoiding the question of the military are likely to be more than offset by growing public sympathy for the British Army in Afghanistan. The capitalist state is the means whereby the ruling capitalist class maintains its domination over the people it oppresses and exploits, both at home and abroad.CIN/BCIN Company/Bank Name Date Of AGM(DD-MON-YYYY) Investor First Name Investor Middle Name Investor Last Name Father/Husband First Name Father/Husband Middle Name Father/Husband.

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