An analysis of hot to tell a story of a boy who was raised right but turned out wrong

The story is placed in Oklahoma during the s.

An analysis of hot to tell a story of a boy who was raised right but turned out wrong

These resources included the people around her, her reading material, which consisted of various books and periodicals which came to Andalusia, and an assortment of local and regional newspapers.

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The Misfit, the pathological killer who murders an entire family in this story, was apparently fabricated from newspaper accounts of two criminals who had terrorized the Atlanta area in the early s; Red Sammy Butts, according to another critic, may have been based on a local "good ole boy" who had made good and returned to Milledgeville each year, on the occasion of his birthday, to attend a banquet in his honor, hosted by the local merchants.

Briefly, the story depicts the destruction of an altogether too normal family by three escaped convicts. The events which lead to that climax, however, generate much of the interest of the story.

In her attempt to get the family to go to Tennessee rather than to Florida, the grandmother uses the news story of the escaped murderer, the Misfit, to try to scare Bailey into changing his mind. Although Bailey does not answer her thereby showing a complete lack of respect for herthe incident provides an ironic foreshadowing to the end of the story.

When Bailey fails to respond to her pressure, the grandmother attempts to get her daughter-in-law, a dull young woman with a face "as broad and innocent as a cabbage," to help her convince Bailey to go to Tennessee rather than Florida because the children, John Wesley and June Star, have not yet visited Tennessee.

Their conduct toward the grandmother emphasizes the disrespect which is characteristic of the entire family. The cat alone survives.

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Shortly after leaving Atlanta, the family passes Stone Mountain, a gigantic outcropping upon which are carved, in bas-relief, images of the long-dead heroes of an equally dead Confederacy. The grandmother, dressed so that "in case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady," carefully writes down the mileage of the car in anticipation of her return home.

She indulges in back-seat driving, acts as a tour guide, and attempts — by citing the conduct of children in her time — to chastise John Wesley and June Star for their rude remarks concerning "their native states and their parents and everything else.

The grandmother takes the baby from its mother, and we see the contrast between the thin, leathery face of old age and the smooth bland face of the baby.

The children, after they finish eating the food which they brought along with them, begin to bicker, so the grandmother quiets them by telling them a story of her early courtship days.

When June Star suggests that she would not marry a man who brought her only watermelons, the grandmother responds by replying that Mr.

In addition to June Star and the grandmother, we learn that Red Sammy Butts and his wife are also concerned with the pursuit of material gain. Red Sammy regrets having allowed "two fellers" to charge gas; his wife is certain that the Misfit will "attact" the restaurant if he hears there is any money in the cash register.

The scene at The Tower cafe appears to have been designed to illustrate the depths of self-interest into which the characters have fallen. There seems to be reason, however, to suspect that the scene was created with more than surface details in mind.

As the family leaves The Tower, the children are again attracted to the gray monkey which attracted their attention when they first arrived. Members of the ape family have long been used in Christian art to symbolize sin, malice, cunning, and lust, and have also been used to symbolize the slothful soul of man in its blindness, greed, and sinfulness.

Recalling a plantation which she visited as a young girl and which she wishes to visit again, the grandmother succeeds in getting her way by "craftily, not telling the truth but wishing she were," informing the children of a secret panel located in the house.

They pester Bailey into visiting the place by kicking, screaming, and making general nuisances of themselves. It is only after they have turned down a dirt road that "looked as if no one had traveled on it in months" that the grandmother remembers that the house was not in Georgia but in Tennessee.

The grandmother, by standing and waving to attract the attention of the people in the approaching car, brings down upon the family the Misfit and his two companions. It is also her identification of the Misfit which apparently causes him to decide that the family should be killed.

She is facing death. Because of this introspection and philosophical struggling, his capacity for grace is greater than that of the hypo-critical, shallow grandmother. He thrown everything off balance. They have given only lip service to spiritual concepts and have concerned themselves with the gratification of their physical and material desires in this life.

The Misfit, then, represents this attitude carried to the extreme.

An analysis of hot to tell a story of a boy who was raised right but turned out wrong

He rejects their hypocrisy by dismissing that which they hold to be of little worth a spiritual view of life and concentrates on the gratification of the passions. At that point, we learn that he had on a yellow sport shirt with bright blue parrots designed in it.

Most of her stories contain an individual who has a strong feeling of self-confidence or feels that he has lived in such a way that his conduct cannot be questioned. Thus, in story after story, these individuals are brought to a crisis point in their lives, and they see their self-confidence destroyed by events, or else they experience a moment of grace which causes them to reevaluate their past lives and to see the world in a new and spiritual light."She didn't say what she saw, but she said something like 'get your son the hell out of there,'" the boy's mother said.

The home of John David Yoder, now empty, sits in Desert Hot Springs on Sept. All right I'm done with my rant, peace out! Larry from Coral Springs, and the influences of others. Teachers, his mother, his lover and others all created a man that was blind to what was right and wrong, what should be acceptable and what should't be, and what the world really was.

This is _not_ a true story. Tell this to a native. She looked forward, as always, ready to approach the music stand and explain her show-and-tell object, a face jug made by an old, old relative of hers named Dave the Slave.

I said, "My father has. Then she says that she needs to tell you a story about her past, one that you don't know, and one that will change everything.

Your mom is in poor health and you spend extra time . Funny how you can always tell when somebody's laughing behind your back. Jodie hadn't really heard anything, maybe a whisper, but when she turned around, the girls in the back row of the class were looking at her, trying to hide smiles and giggles.

And with lots of prayers he changed his life around, this is why at this moment I'm very proud of him, he got married and have 2 beautiful children. 1 a girl of 4 yrs and the 2nd boy of 6 months. The first story touched me so much, from Hepsi/5(K).

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